My Body, My Power

Summer Series for Young Women ages 15-18yrs at Green Lotus in Morro Bay

My Body, My Power Final.jpg

Led by Silvia Suarez and Kari Stettler

In this series, we will build healthy and nourishing relationships with our own bodies and with others. Through movement and creative expression, we dive into the question “who am I?” and approach and experience our bodies from within, focusing on our senses. We analyze and de-construct the beauty parameters promoted in marketing and messaging from the media and society. We develop building blocks to relate with our own bodies and with others from a solid foundation of self love and self respect.

Together, we will create a brave and creative space to explore:

  • Creative Movement and Expressive Arts as a way to know ourselves.

  • Self Awareness and a healthy sense of personal power and truth.

  • Celebrating our bodies based on our senses rather than our appearance…experiencing the joy of being alive!

  • Messages we have been given about ourselves by media/peers.

Each session will include a time for checking in, a movement exploration, drawing, writing and sharing. We will provide a light snack. Please bring any additional snacks you might need.



About the guides:


Silvia Suarez

Silvia Suarez is an Expressive Arts Therapy Movement-based graduate from Tamalpa Institute, CA with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She advanced her studies in the Masters degree program of Expressive Arts Therapy and Social Change from the European Graduate School, Switzerland, and is a certified yoga teacher with a deep background in pranayama (deep breathing), and meditation.

Silvia is passionate about making the world a better place for people and all beings of this planet. She has decades of experience working with groups of all walks. She has worked with middle and high school students, survivors of domestic violence, people in custody, internal refugees, veterans, with people in search of their own path and their own voice, marginalized youth and many more.

Silvia holds the space for her clients to explore and connect with their own creative expression. This allows the messages of their own bodies to surface, strengthening their intuition, their capacity to heal and their inner power.


Kari Stettler

Kari Stettler has been a dancer since the age of 3, training in classical ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap and modern. When she was 19 she was inspired by the West African inspired troupe of women and men dancing and drumming down the street at the SLO Mardi Gras parade. Shortly after she found the West African inspired dance class in town and found her love for a more free form, expressive style of dancing. She continued to perform with the Higher Movement Drum and Dance Ensemble for seven years, traveling to schools and teaching youth about the inspiring creativity of rhythm and dance.

At age 28, Kari was called to let go of choreography and performance based dance and started to explore more free, expressive forms of movement. She found the practices of Authentic Movement and Soul Motion, both methodologies that provide inquiries into body awareness, relationship with self and others through movement, and authentic expression through movement. She went onto be trained in these methods and teaches them in group settings today.

In addition to guiding and teaching youth and adults in movement, Kari has been a yoga teacher for 22 years, is a trauma resolution Somatic Experiencing practitioner, holds circles to support people in their relationship with grief, is a facilitator of the Work that Reconnects and guides and mentors young women in Rites of Passages into menstruation and womanhood. You can read her specific training here.