Growing Capacity for Living with Change ~ Awakening Self Healing through Connection ~ In Service to Community and the Greater Earth Body



Somatic Resiliency

Somatic Resiliency is born out of Kari Stettler’s lifelong love, passion and quest for wellness and wholeness in the human body, heart, mind and soul. Somatic Resiliency places the body and embodiment at the center of healing and wholeness within the human, invoking the experience of being the change. Embodying a felt sense of wholeness and wellness inspires and supports internal dismantling of the conditioning of patriarchy and systemic oppression and radiates out in widening circles in service to the healing of relations, of communities and of the web of life that sustains all life.

Kari Stettler, CMT, SEP

Mentor, Facilitator of Transformational Growth & Embodiment, Community Builder, Dancer, Shepherdess, Lover of Inner/Outer Nature

I have found that when I am in connection with the wisdom inherent in my body through tracking sensations, emotions, images and authentic movement impulses, I can make clear and empowered meaning of my experience. From this body-centered orientation I can identify my true needs and attune to my environment and its needs. My experience has brought me to a way of living that centers my sense of embodiment as baseline for being an effective agent of change on the planet. From this place, I can connect most deeply with the seen and unseen (not to mention my human relations!) and be in co-creativity with life. And, I FEEL GOOD doing it, because I am living fully present, in my body. Getting here has been a journey of resolving traumatic imprints, a continuous process of dismantling the way patriarchy lives in me, waking up to my experience of white privilege, growing my capacity for being with the full spectrum of emotional experience, establishing a net of support and devotion to practices that support physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. And, the journey is not over. I continue to arrive to myself and it is from this place of being human, that I meet you in our work together.

You can read more about my training and experience in the Curriculum Vitae linked below: