Growing Capacity for Living with Change ~ Awakening Self Healing through Connection ~ In Service to Community and the Greater Earth Body

“The central purpose of the Work that Reconnects is to help people uncover and experience their innate connections with each other and with the systemic, self-healing powers of the web of life, so that they may be enlivened and motivated to play their part in creating a sustainable civilization.” ~Joanna Macy

The Work that Reconnects & Turning Towards Grief

A Workshop to Summon Courage to Live Fully Alive in Turbulent Times

We live in unprecedented, intense and unrelenting times.  Our days are permeated by awareness of and constant exposure to the state of our planet, climate change and the continued loss of species, political unrest and oppression, personal loss of all kinds, and so much more.  Layers upon layers of grief can build up and block us from our true selves if we do not learn to metabolize it. The grief is undeniably here; we have a choice to either turn away from it or turn towards it. This workshop is for those who have the courage to turn towards their grief and honor their pain in service to themselves and the greater good.  

We were made for these times.  In this workshop, we co-create a brave space, a sound container in which to meet grief and develop an ongoing relationship with it.  It has been our experience that if we truly care, we continue to grieve.  From this place of allowing our hearts to break open, we have more access to joy, love and vibrancy.

This workshop may be for you if you experience one or more of the following:

  • Recognize you are experiencing blocks or obstacles in life and relationships

  • Feel overwhelmed by the intensity of these times

  • Don’t yet have a relationship with grief and want to cultivate one so you can live a fuller life

  • Feel emotionally numb and/or paralyzed by what is happening in the world

  • Are looking for a sound container to share with others and grow your sense of community

  • Are an activist needing to recharge and renew in order to continue to be in aligned action

We invite you to join us.

Our next Turning Toward Grief workshop is in October, 2019. The format spans over one month and includes 4 Wednesday evenings with a Saturday daylong in the middle.

Dates for October workshop are coming soon!

Locations: Evening Sessions - Downtown SLO, Saturday Daylong - Squire Canyon. Addresses and Directions given upon registration

Cost: $150-$400 sliding scale for month long workshop. Thank you for paying what you can.

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What People Are Saying…

"I cannot recommend this workshop series enough to anyone who feels a pull or curiosity about it. Donna and Kari combine their skill sets so well to create an amazing, brave, and sacred container for this work. I came in wanting to learn how to better experience and be held in my grief in community, and found the month-long structure of these workshops to be very helpful in building deeper relationships and trust in my process. Whether you have gone to many grief rituals, or if this work is brand-new to you- you have the opportunity to connect through whatever gateway, intention, or curiosity you have, and get so much out of it. Gratitude for making this offering accessible financially and trauma-informed."

~Alexa L., Student Success Instructor

“It is a high art to create and hold a safe and sacred space for others to be lovingly held and witnessed in the depths of their profound grief. Kari Stettler and Donna Helete are both long-time experienced soul guides -steeped in the mysterious ways of grief, highly skilled in the most reverent compassion and wise in the alchemical transformation of our perception of heartbreaking sorrow into nourishing love. This precious resource of intentional Grief Work is invaluable and very rare in our culture. What they offer is such a potent and meaningful blessing for us all. This is no small thing. Indeed, this is how we human beings take good care of each other. I completely entrust Donna and Kari with my grieving heart and deepest sorrow. This work has been life-changing BIG medicine for me. I have never felt more enlivened. Thank you from the depths of my healing heart.”

~Richard L., Massage Therapist

“Wanting to learn more about Joanna Macy’s work I decided to take a class series in the Work that Reconnects. Kari gave an excellent overview both throughout her presentation and experiential exercises. I particularly felt that the Truth Mandala grief ritual was of great benefit. Kari has an innate wisdom beyond her years and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the world and all life. I recommend her workshops and class series to anyone wishing to learn and experience the Work that Reconnects.”

~Zoe Rivers, Yoga Instructor