Growing Capacity for Living with Change ~ Awakening Self Healing through Connection ~ In Service to Community and the Greater Earth Body

Somatic Resiliency:

the power of the body to recover or spring back to optimum vitality ~ to remember

I have found that when I am in connection with the wisdom inherent in my body through tracking sensations, emotions, images and authentic movements, I can make clear and empowered meaning of my experience. From this body-centered orientation I can identify my true needs and attune to my environment and its needs. My experience has brought me to a way of living that centers my sense of embodiment as baseline for being an effective agent of change on the planet. From this place, I can connect most deeply with the seen and unseen and be in co-creativity with life. And, I FEEL GOOD doing it, because I am living fully present, in my body. Getting here has been a journey of resolving traumatic imprints, growing my capacity for being with the full spectrum of emotional experience, establishing a net of support and devotion to practices that support physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. And, the journey is not over. I continue to arrive to myself and it is from this place of being human, that I meet you in our work together. I am in service to supporting you in:

  • Growing your capacity for self healing through somatic resourcing

  • Establishing healthy cycles of Nervous System regulation

  • Growing your capacity to be with the full spectrum of your emotions

  • Tracking body sensations

  • Connecting with yourself, others and the earth that sustains your life more deeply

  • Cultivating deep listening to the calling of your soul

  • Connecting with nature as a primary resource

I enjoy sharing ways of connection through which I have had direct experiences of transformation and positive outcomes. My training has been a convergence of my real life and soul needs meeting strong teachers, healers and practices that are effective and tried true. You can learn more about me here.

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Within this website, you will find various approaches and practices to tending aspects of the human body, mind, heart and soul. All of them help to facilitate a deeper sense of connection with self, with others and ultimately, with the larger earth body and its inhabitants.

  • Somatic Experiencing® Sessions support trauma resolution through reconnecting you with your own innate self-healing wisdom of your body, nervous system regulation and growing your capacity and tolerance for pleasurable experiences.

  • Women’s Initiation work supports women in deepening connection with who you truly are, breaking patterns of parental and social conditioning, strengthening nature and spiritual connection and clarifying purpose and service path. Together, we contribute to creating a healthy women’s culture.

  • Movement Arts offers experiences of embodiment that require your mind to recede to the background, making space for authentic expression using body movement inquiries and art. We explore and bring to consciousness the stories that live in the body through practices such as Soul Motion® and TriYoga.

  • The Work that Reconnects draws on the root teachings of deep ecologist and eco-philosopher Joanna Macy. It offers experiential ritual and exercises in group settings to deepen solidarity, community healing and resiliency in the changing times in which we live. Within this framework, Turning Towards Grief workshops are offered to create brave containers to metabolize the individual and collective grief we all share.

“I’ve done a great deal of healing since the death of my husband 3 years ago. While sharing my story was definitely part of the process, the healing now looks like releasing what is stuck in my body through SE Touch work with Kari. Through her loving presence and intuitive, gentle touch Kari provides the support my body needs to remember how to release and heal. Our work together has helped reset my nervous system after years of being in fight or flight, improved my sleep, and helped me realize a greater sense of general well-being and vitality. I’m so grateful to Kari for sharing her gifts and highly recommend her as a practitioner.”

~Donna Helete, Grief Coach and Board President for Outside Now

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