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Healing Retreat Co-Facilitator Bios

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Katie Spataro

Katie Spataro, CSB (she/her) is a full spectrum doula, holistic pelvic care practitioner, certified sexological bodyworker and somatic sex educator. In her private practice, she utilizes ritual, touch, breath and movement to tap into the wisdom of the body to support personal and collective healing. Katie specializes in working with women/womxn including cisgender and trans folks and people outside the gender binary. Katie bridges various modalities of embodiment practice, bodywork and skilled coaching on consent and boundaries to support the healing journey around sexual trauma. She works with individuals, couples/relationships and facilitates groups around sexual and reproductive health and wellness. More info at:


Marisa Taborga Byrne

Marisa (Sasa) Taborga Byrne, she/her, born and raised in California, comes from an Irish, German, Quechua and Spanish lineage. She is a Nature Connection Guide, Rites of Passage Facilitator and Holistic Sexual Health Educator. Marisa began to hold ceremonial rites of passage for adolescents and adults in 2012. As a recipient of the powerful healing attributes of nature, she is a strong advocate for soul discovery in the wild. Marisa is an incest survivor, and devotes her time to creating healing opportunities for herself and her community, as well as holding conversations and councils with youth and adults alike about holistic sexuality, seeing education as a preventative medicine of potential trauma and the key to fully embracing and embodying our wild, natural selves.

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Kari Stettler

Kari Stettler, SEP (she/her), supports people feeling at home in their human body, free and spirited, interconnected in the web of life. At its core, her work is in service to healing relations with self, others, our communities and the greater Earth body that sustains us. As a rites of passage ceremonialist, she co-guides an intensive two-year nature based initiation process into adulthood for young women. Kari has been mentored by deep ecologist and eco-philosopher, Joanna Macy, since 2005 and has been a facilitator of grief rituals and group work for personal and collective transformation since 2007. As a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, she works with individuals and groups to support trauma resolution and nervous system health education. Kari lives a land-based life in Paso Robles, California, where she grows food and medicine for her family and community with her partner.